Installment #1

The Little Things Thursday, Installment #1

  • Baby Girls are now 6 months old!  Time has never flown so fast in our entire lives.Fourth of July
  • This past week started with a fun visit to GranJan and the rest of the Pearson clan on vacation at Lake Whitney.  We got to see Baby Elizabeth (2 weeks older) and Baby Abigal (4 weeks younger).  It was so fun having a houseful of baby girls!
  • On Tuesday, they saw Dr. McGehee.  As usual, we fall more and more in love with him.  He’s pleased with both girls’ growth, though they are only in the 3rd and 9th percentiles.  But, they are catching up in development quite well!
  • Buddy keeps watch all the time, but Annie just joins in:Buddy Annie
  • Today, Charlotte and Esther visited Daddy at work, but really all the office ladies cooed over the girls.  It was a lot of fun to see other people have joy over them.  They love their Daddy time.Daddy time
  • Charlotte now reads and eats her toes, as well. Reading with DaddyToes Charlotte
  • Charlotte also started sewing lessons. Sewing
  • Esther is soaking up all her lessons during school time.Esther Learning
  • Both girls love playing in their Exersaucers, though we limit the time!  Here’s why.Exersaucers
  • We also like to jam out to Aaron Shust – using kitchen utensils, of course!
  • Singing1 Singing2 Singing3But our favorite fun is still just watching the trees…Tree Watching
  • The biggest happening of the week…drumroll, please…is that thanks to YL’s Gentle Baby oil, both girls are sleeping through the night!  They wake for one dream feed, but that is it!
  • On the agenda next: bone broth, egg yolk, and raw liver!  Next week, we visit the farm to pick up our food!  Read all about it here.

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