The Little Things Thursdays!

The Little Things Thursday, Catch-Up Installment #0

Inspired by our friends at Four To Adore, we are going to start posting weekly updates on our twinsies.  If a mom of quads can do it, then so can this mom of “just” twins!

First, an update on things we’ve missed writing about:

The NICU was where we started off!Charlotte 1.22.4Esther 1.15.2Mommy Shoulder 2.12.1

  • Charlotte spent 5 weeks in the NICU and then came home.  She was quite spoiled being home by herself!Face Time 2
  • Esther had a long rollercoaster NICU stay of 68 days.  Blessed girl was prayed for all over the world and God was faithful to grow her!  She finally came home over spring break!
  • Esther 3.29.3AAt first, Mommy was home taking care of both girls.  But mid-April, she had to go back to work.  So, Daddy and Ba Noi took care of both girls!  Nam loved his time with Charlotte and Esther and was an incredible daddy.
  • Both girls are (and always have been!) very aware of each other. They synced up fast once home together.
  • Getting SynchronizedBuddy is warming up to them and will even greet them with a quick lick…no cuddles yet!  But if you can’t find Buddy, then look for the girls.  He will be on the floor just a few feet watching protectively.
  • Buddy and Charlotte 3.14.1Annie informs me daily that I do not have twins – I have triplets!
  • TripletsWhen Charlotte and Esther first came home, they both made what Nam and I called “Gizmo” sounds.  My mom said they are preemie baby sounds.  They are so cute!  Sadly, they don’t make those grunting coos anymore, but we will always remember then.  It seemed like one of the first ways they communicated verbally with us.
  • THEN…the talking began!  Charlotte LOVES to “yell” for fun.  “AAH, AAH, AAH, AAH” with the biggest grin on her face. But, Esther, well, she is the REAL chatterbox.  When she starts talking, she doesn’t stop!
  • Both babies know their name and turn to look or verbally respond with a yell when called.
  • Let’s talk hair: Esther lost hers after birth (normal), but Charlotte did not.  Charlotte’s hair has grown and stands straight up like a little chimp!  In the Moby wrap, it’s hard to tell if she’s a girl or a chimp!  Esther’s hair has grown in greatly, but it’s obvious she has THREE cow-licks on the crown of her head.  Uh-oh!
  • Charlotte Tummy TimeCharlotte does NOT want a paci.  She wants her thumb!  (But only to fall asleep with)
  • Esther still likes her wubby (lamb with paci), but mostly to chew on the leg.  Mutton chops – good choice, Esther!
  • Esther rolled over first, but Charlotte quickly followed.  They LOVE rolling over, but are not happy to get stuck that way!
  • While they still like Mr. Butterfly their light-up musical friend, their favorite toys now are things for the mouth!  They love pulling the plastic rings off their playmat and my wooden spoon and daddy’s silicon marinade brush are favorites, too.
  • Swimming is also a big hit.  When just Mom is home, we put out their bathtubs and fill them with water to splish splash with our feet.  We also get their floaties from the big pool for the wading pool.  They love scooting around in them.  But if Daddy is home, too, then the big pool it is!  Cousin Aaron came over and played in the big pool with us and he loved the “waterfall” (water pump) but did not like flipping over in the floatie!Swimming1
  • Charlotte Swimming Esther SwimmingSwimmingAnother favorite activity is baby-wearing!  This is when the girls go in their Moby wrap to go around places.  They love being up and Mama (and Grammie!) love having them so close.  It’s also a great napping place when we aren’t home.Baby Wearing at Target
  • We also discovered Essential Oil Therapy.  Young Living oils are amazing and we are so glad to use these instead of drugs!  They work way faster and more fully than drugs anyway!
  • AND…a very Happy Father’s Day with our first earth babies!Happy Father's Day!Love my big brothersStripesDaddy's Sweeties
  • Oh, and our first Fourth of July!Fourth of July
  • Thank you for coming to see us this week!  Check back for more installments!Polka DotsRead next week’s installment here.

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