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The Blessing of Infertility and Miscarriage

I wrote this last May, but am posting it again here.  At first the number six surprised me, but then I realised that’s because I lost 2 more babies in July and consider myself to have at least these 8 babes waiting for me in Heaven…

Yesterday, I wrote some of the blessings we’ve had through our struggle of losing six children in less than a year, two leaving me in miscarriage as I write this. I hope you are encouraged and can begin to see God working in your own life through your current suffering.

1. A strengthened marriage – a deeper bond,

2. An incredible ministry to other women – the Lord knew I wouldn’t be satisfied handing out linens or making meals (though I’ll do it!). He gave me a place to connect with women in the trenches and that quenches my soul!

3. A conquering of so many sins – disobedience, disbelief, distrust,

4. A more thorough understanding of His word – I know the healing and nourishment of the Bible in a way that was previously unfathomable.

5. Learning how to spill His love and instruction to others,

6. Able to walk through the fire victoriously and graciously – never burned or set ablaze.

7. A close, abiding relationship of faithfulness, obedience, intimacy, trust, belief, and desire with the Lord,

8. Clarity in understanding that this life is but a vapor and how to set my sights on eternity!