Radiation Ramblings

Today I started radiation for Burt, my brain tumor.  He isn’t actually going away – just being castrated so he can’t reproduce anymore and cause further problems.  The treatment is considered to be 100% successful; they won’t even check me again for six months!  As usual, I want to make sure I’m not missing something in all of this.  God is allowing me to be in this place at this time, so I want to keep my eyes peeled!  If He could come to the earth in human flesh, take on sin, and die a tortuous death just to have a relationship with us, then I know it’s not any big deal for Him to allow me to have Burt so that I can be in the place where people often need encouragement: an oncology waiting room.  That’s pretty much it for deep thoughts so far.  Anyway, here we go…thoughts from each day (there will be 25).


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