I enjoy lots of Norwex products!  Switching to these products ushered in an incredible change in our home of moving to all non-toxic products.  While I enjoy other brands in our home for various things, I definitely love me some Norwex!

I would recommend starting a purchase with:

Envirocloth, Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber, Polishing Cloth.  If you have toddlers, add a spray bottle and you’ll get them to effectively clean half your house!  (I do half vinegar, half water only because if they don’t wipe up all the water, when it drip dries, it doesn’t leave streaks thanks to the vinegar content)

Here’s the Norwex stuff I own and what I think of it. You won’t see a ton of personal hygiene stuff because, frankly, I prefer to make all of ours out of edible ingredients. There are also excellent daily cleaning products like Blue Diamond for the bathroom, but other options work for us and I prefer to have as little non-edible things in our home as possible.

Envirocloths: LOVE.  This is your first purchase.  Anything that gets off caked dried on banana on my dining table with just water and not much elbow grease is awesome.  They’re also a degreaser – a recent discovery!  I also use these to clean my bathrooms. Edited to add: If you feel this starts working not so great over time, boil water on your stove in a stock pot.  Add in some laundry detergent (any kind), and add this in and stir it with a wooden spoon for awhile.  Then rinse it off and let it dry.  I think the boiling water is needed to open up the fibers all the way to really release everything it’s picked up over time.

These do not hold odor and they don’t smell even at the end of a week. (after each use, I try to hand scrub the cloth with a bit of dishwashing soap and rinse, but not always)

Baby Body Cloths: Use these for the girls and they are very very soft.  Love the added anti-bac bonus since they have silver.  Now, y’all know me and how I love my bacteria and the skin’s acid mantle (though little ones don’t have an acid mantle yet – cool huh???).  So, anyway, I don’t use them all the time on the girls because, really, I need them to get bacteria all over them and have their bodies figure out the appropriate balance.  But anyway, there are obviously times (dog poop for lunch anyone?) when these are fantastic.  I don’t wash these often – every couple of weeks?  No smell.  These are also excellent for baby bums and when a rash is present, I use a body cloth solely.

Body Cloths: YES!  I use this in the am to wash my face – no soap.  In the pm, I wash my face with 1/2 evoo and 1/2 castor oil and I use this to take that all off.  It’s awesome!  Very soft but excellent at cleansing.  Edit:  Now that my skin is just awesome because of dietary changes and the ongoing oil cleansing I did, I no longer use the oil on my face.  I only use the body cloth now and then moisturize with jojoba oil after.  If I have a blemish or something, then I still employ the oil cleansing if needed.  Also, I tried showering with no soap and just a body cloth for my whole body – felt fine in the shower, but then I toweled off.  HECK NO!  Even if you don’t have a sensory disorder, this will create one for you.  It feels like every part of you has been scrubbed by your great grandmother with nothing but lye.

Body Towels: No.  Well, I take that back – I do have these in our luggage for travel.  They were very helpful to have when we stayed in a cabin that only had twice weekly laundry service and nowhere to drape or hang towels for air drying.  But as a daily towel, it’s a no for me.  It removes all the water and oils off me similar to the body cloths, so I feel very weirded out by it.  There is NOTHING left to air dry at all.  I much prefer a cotton towel.  If you want to buy these, make sure you buy the largest size as that is the size of your regular cotton bath towel.  The smaller size would be appropriate for toddlers or the 1980s.

Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber (they also have nonhandled): these DO leave my finger tips feeling weird if I use them for more than 10 minutes like on my oven cleaning adventure.  However, they are AMAZING at being able to just wipe off my stainless steel pans that have food cooked on them.  I also use them to clean the porcelein tile of my shower floor because there’s this film of dirt I’ve never been able to penetrate.  When I used the spirinette and my Thieves on it, well, holy moly.  I would’ve eaten dinner off that shower floor!  I also successfully use this product to get that cooked on stuff off my glass top stove.

Spirinette: This is a nonhandled mighty mesh pot scrubber.  Same great mesh, but I like the handle even though it’s just a little plastic insert.  I bet you could buy a couple mighty mesh pot scrubbers, though, and save the plastic handle as they wear out.  (I haven’t thrown any out yet, though, and it’s been about a year)

Kitchen Towel: gets things DRY.  I don’t like to dry my hands on it even because it pulls everything – all my hand oils – off my hands.  But that’s a darn helpful thing for drying dishes or countertop.  I used to keep it hanging on my stove, but I was needing something for my hands more than I was drying, so I put these away in the cupboard and just have a regular towel hanging for drying my hands.  That may not be an issue for you, but it feels really weird to me to dry my hands on these.

Kitchen Cloths: Super drying like the kitchen towels, but I’m not sure why I would use these instead of an Envirocloth.  I didn’t use these often, but now I know they can replace my paper towels for kiddo hands after eating!  Woohoo!  It doesn’t feel blah to use these on the hands like it would the Envirocloth.  Edited to add: now that my twins are very busy little chefs and painters, paper towels have reentered our lives.

Dish Soap: It’s nice but I reserve it for using to wash nipples, etc.  It’s pretty pricey in my opinion.  Edited to add: nah, don’t buy this one.  We have loved Better Life dish soap.  Works great! (We also use Better Life Dishwashing Detergent.  It’s fantastic!)

Magnet Ball: AMAZING. I want another! I always forget I have this thing because it just sits inside the dishwasher. I have not had to use a rinse (Jet Dry nor vinegar) in our dishwasher ever since I got this. I don’t know the magic it uses, but it works! People also use it in their washing machine in place of fabric softener. (We don’t use fabric softener, but if I could use this instead of pouring in vinegar from our Costco sized container, that’d be fabulous!)  Edited to add: First, make sure your washing machine manual says vinegar is okay – lots of times it will break the machine and void your warranty.  Secondly, I did get another magnet ball that lives in the washing machine and it’s great!  My clothes are soft just fine without the poison of fabric softener!

Dish Cloth: It’s like a piece of netting, which is kindof cool because it dries so quickly.  I rarely wash this.  It comes in white or blue. The blue shows less staining. HOWEVER, there is NO difference in this thing and a piece of netting you can buy in the utility section of your fabric store.  It’s the EXACT SAME.  I compared it side by side.  If you could get it for free or as a bonus, go for it. Otherwise, I’d just buy the netting at the fabric store. Or, better yet, just use the Scrubby Dish Cloth! That’s my favorite option. Edited to add: I really think this is a waste of a product because of how cheaply you can sew it.  I think I’ve had more conversations about this than any other product in the last year.  On the other hand, one of my friends loves it and thinks it is the best thing ever.

Scrubby Dish Cloth: This is great and it gets off pieces of stuck on food easily.  Never smells – I only wash this once a week.  This is also awesome for use on the shower walls and getting off the bathtub soap scum ring that comes from our fabulous soap (Whole Foods The Good Bar).

Cleaning Paste: This is pretty neat stuff for walls and window sills and porcelain stink stains, glass top stoves, etc.

Laundry Soap:  It cleans nicely, but I feel unsure about the ingredients.  It does last a long time.  Not scented, so you need to get wool dryer balls and put essential oil on them the last 10 min of the dryer (or just turn it back on for 10 min with the scented balls in there).  Ingredients are:

Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Citrate
Iminodisuccinate Acid Tetrasodium Salt
Sodium Percarbonate
Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate
Alcohols, C10-12, Ethoxylated Propoxylated
Alcohols, C9-11, Ethoxylated
Sodium Silicate

For laundering, I’ve used Country Save good ingredients (does have ethoxylate alcohols), but it doesn’t get my whites white and left clothes dingy over time.  Molly’s Suds is popular and seems so nice, but I think it is just water softener – I don’t see a cleaner (soap or detergent!) in the ingredients list.  I’m currently trying Biokleen Laundry Powder and I may consider Planet 2x Ultra Laundry Detergent Free & Clear.

Yes, I used to make my own like everybody else, but then I realized the importance of a detergent vs. a soap.  The homemade laundry soaps are soaps, not detergents. So, the soap will attach to the dirt, but then it won’t leave the fabric – that’s no good.  You need a detergent or some real friction (like from hand washing), to get it out.  A detergent has two things going for it: part of it attracts to dirt, the other part attracts to water.  So, it will get the dirt and leave the clothing.   (This is also why I haven’t tried Molly’s Liquid Detergent – it does have a detergent, but also a soap – which will build up over time.)

Wool Dryer Balls: Love them, but I’ll be honest and say you can make them easily or buy in bulk on Amazon a lot cheaper.  Edited to add: I think the only function is just helping clothes not be tangled up, so they dry more evenly.  Since I got the magnet ball, I rarely use these and my clothes are softer with the magnet ball than when I used just wool dryer balls and vinegar.

Polishing/Window Cloth: oh so nice.  I wipe down my cupboard doors, windows, mirrors, chrome handles, glass table top with the envirocloth and then run the polishing cloth back over and it is streak-free, lint-free every time.  The girls do this. They love it.  Gotta have it.

Dusting mitt: wow.  I live in Texas.  We have dust.  Always.  Every day.  Everywhere.  This picks it up – better than the swiffer and better than pledge! – and I actually have to dust less now.  I’m not sure how/why.  I also have the kids’ dusting mitt clothes for the girls to go over the tops of baseboards.  I used it on my blinds and instead of it being an hour long job, it was like a 5 minute job.  Amazing.  The girls have the kids’ mitt, too, and they love it.

Hair turban – love this thing.  I quit blow drying my hair but I hate having a wet head/wet hair.  And I don’t want to walk around with a heavy towel that makes my neck hurt.  So after a shower, I towel dry my hair and then wrap it in the hair turbin (watch a youtube video so you know the right way to wrap).  It’s not heavy at all.  After about 10 minutes, I take it off and my hair is still damp, but only damp.  Not wet.  When I was blow drying my hair, I used to have to wait a few hours to do so or it would take over 30 minutes to dry.  Or I’d drive around the block a few times with the window down.  Ugh.  Now if I wanted to blow dry it, I could do it after wearing the hair turban for only ten minutes.

Superior Mop System: I’m obsessed.  I mostly use it for dry mopping.  Loved that I can now walk around bare footed and not get stuff all over my feet.  Charlotte will love it.  (Nam and Esther sweat, so nothing sticks to their feet!)  the girls liked pushing it around, too.  I don’t think it will replace sweeping because we have large pecan shells from the dogs, but it will always follow sweeping up big things like that or after Esther runs the robot.  UPDATE: I use this thing like five times a day.  I’m obsessed seriously.  I love it.  Make sure you get the SUPERIOR mop system, not the other one.  The kids’ mops are the other one and tbh, it sucks.  As far as the wet mop goes, it’s pretty great and got up stuff I didn’t expect it too.  Very easy to use, as well.  Make sure you buy a rubber hand brush to go with this mop system.  Also, I’m using this on hardwood floors.  I have a friend who doesn’t find it effective for her hand scraped wood floors due to all the lower divots in the wood.  I don’t have experience with that.  I also don’t have experience with it on tons of tile (our exposed bathrom tile is only around 10 sq.ft.), but you can look at the tile specific mop and consider that!  Edited to add: If you feel this starts working not so great over time, boil water on your stove in a stock pot.  Add in some laundry detergent (any kind), and add this in and stir it with a wooden spoon for awhile.  Then rinse it off and let it dry.  I think the boiling water is needed to open up the fibers all the way to really release everything it’s picked up over time.

Rubber hand brush – this worked great at getting hair/stuffing off upholstery and cleaning my mop thingy between rooms.

Oven/Grill Cleaner: worked really well – I noticed it has amylase in it.  That’s what they give kiddos with digestive issues.  It eats stuff right up.  That’s why we don’t give our kids grains, legumes, nuts/seeds, the first years of life because they don’t have that pancreatic amylase those foods require for proper digestion.  Anyway, just to say that amylase is great and I think that’s why it works so well.  Best part for me was the no fumes.  Charlotte was standing right next to me while we sprayed it in.  Make sure you open the screen on the bottle or it uses way more product to create a foam.

Bath Mit: Nah.  I don’t like that my hand gets soaking wet inside of it.  Besides, it’s just the same fabric as the scrubby dish cloth, so I would just use that and the envirocloth. But the scrubby fabric is pretty fantastic.  So get one or the other.

Laundry pre-wash: works really well, but it’s quite expensive, Update: I tried the Norwex pre-wash on a chocolate stain that had been on clothing for many many washes and dries. It came out!  Edited to add: I’ve recently found out this can be diluted 1:7 with water and now I feel dumb for not knowing that.  haha  I’ve also made my own stain spray and purchased a ton of Poofy’s Pre-treatment.  Neither worked.  I’m ordering the BunchaFarmers stain stick next.

Descaler: worked amazingly well on my faucets.  It worked really well on my mom’s glass shower, but did not get 27 years of soap scum off in two applications.  Might take a few more.  haha  I am glad I got this product because my faucets look awesome.  Make sure you open the screen door or it uses way more product to create a foam.  Oh, and this one DOES have some fumes.  I was pretty surprised at that.

Drain cleaner: wow, wow, wow.  I was skeptical about spending $40 on this, but I’m so glad I did.  I have eight drains in my house and that used about the whole jar.  But my bathroom drain is so clean that not only did the stink go away that’s been in it, but the overhead light REFLECTS off the metal pipe down in there and bouncing back up!  I bet this would be a great cleaner on other tough stuff, too.

Car cloth: I haven’t used yet, but hubby and a friend’s hubby are extremely impressed.  Edited to add:  I still don’t know what this is for, but I DID clean my car so well with just the Envirocloth and Polishing Cloth and Norwex laundry soap (floor mats) that hubby thought I had gotten the car detailed!  That Norwex laundry soap got out Dr. Pepper stains from five years ago that nothing else and nobody else had been able to remove!

Kids’ Mop Systems:  The size is perfect and the wet mop pad is the same as the one in my Superior Mop System.  The dry mop pad, however, is not the superior.  And it’s subpar: doesn’t pick up as much stuff and doesn’t work well with the rubber brush.  Instead, buy yourself a regular sized superior mop pad as that fits the kids’ mop perfectly.

Hand sanitizer (Natural hand cleaning): no.  leaves my hands feeling alcoholy.  I do not like this and I will probably leave it in the teachers’ lounge.  I MUCH prefer just washing my hands.

Anti-gravity night cream: haven’t tried it but since I use the oil-cleansing method on my face, I likely will not. Update: I gave this away to a coworker and I also no longer use the oil-cleansing method as the Norwex Body Cloth is all my face needs!


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