Installment #3

  • Grammie dragged us all around shopping, shopping, shopping.  It was exhausting!  But sometimes she buys us things, so that is fun.  And, Mommy often finds good deals (like Gap leggings for $1!) and gets them in lots of sizes.Vintage Chic
  • We went to the farm this week!  We got eggs, liver, butter, honey, and maple syrup.  The most fun was seeing the chickens.  The least fun was smelling…everything!Farm
  • Daddy says the world is less one rat…and he’s working on the others.
  • We discovered that Seryn is our favorite band to fall asleep to!Seryn
  • Charlotte enjoys hanging out in her big girl chair.Big Girl Chair Charlotte
  • Esther used her big girl chair for her sewing lesson!Esther Sewing
  • Rainbow Babies are announced to the world with onesies embroidered by Mommie.Rainbow Babies!
  • A new nanny is coming!  Summer is a lovely girls and we are stealing her away from Bowen Road Day School – a sought after daycare in our area.  She is a wonderful believer whose faith will bless our girls tremendously!  We hope that our family gets to be a blessing to Summer and her new husband, as well!
  • Uncle Alan came this week and took us on a walk.  He did a great job baby wearing for the first time!Alan and Esther Alan and Charlotte
  • Daddy liked showing off his one-arm push up to us.Daddy Showing Off
  • We also started wearing big girl pajamas – two pieces!Big Girl Pajamas
  • Playing hard in our exersaucersExersaucers2
  • We finally got our picture wall up – now just to get photos in the frames!  But, we love seeing Jesus holding our baby brothers and that picture is one to stay.Photo Wall
  • Mom also had her bandages removed from her wrist surgery.  It’s quite painful still, but not nearly as bad as before the surgery.  We hope it heals up quickly – of course, she’s putting oils all over it!Wrist
  • We went and ate at Fred’s to see who has the better burger (Daddy says Chophouse still wins in his book, but Mommie likes Fred’s).  Esther says she doesn’t eat meat, and Charlotte says her feet beat out any burger!Freds Esther Freds Charlotte2 Freds Charlotte
  • Lots of play time this week on our carpet – floor time is our favorite.  This week, we discovered our Guatemalan toys.  Charlotte even scooted towards it – slow down, Charlotte!  No crawling yet!  Esther was content as usual.Guatemla Esther Guatemala Charlotte
  • And, of course, this week was full of great cuddles with Daddy.Daddy Cuddles
  • Check back next week for more Little Things!  Until then, here are some cute shots of us:Esther 3 Esther 2 Esther 1 Charlotte1 Charlotte 3 Charlotte 2
  • Read all about next week here.

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