The TVCIC (Transvaginal Cervicoisthmic Cerclage) is still a transvaginal cerclage.  The difference in this one is that it is placed above the cardinal ligaments.

I have noticed a trend lately in women wanting to pursue a TVCIC so that they can avoid an abdominal surgery and/or still have the possibility of a vaginal birth.  While I agree wholeheartedly that surgery has assumed risks and that a vaginal birth is important to baby’s overall gut health development, choosing a TVCIC for these reasons alone in the presence of IC is not the best choice.

While the TVCIC is MUCH more successful than a normal TVC, it does not have as high of a success rate as the TAC.  It simply is not a TAC.  The TVCIC is still somewhat dependent on the cervix.  Though it is placed higher, funneling could still occur.  Infection could still occur.  Those are unlikely, but they need to be considered.

Additionally, do not have just any old doctor try and place a TVCIC.  See Dr. Katz, Dr. Davis, and more recently, Dr. Sumners.  That’s pretty much it in the world of TVCICs.

As always, I urge you to be in prayer over this.


2 responses to “TVCIC

  1. After having the TVCIC what is things you need to avoid is there any thing you can not do after.

    • Nikki, I’m not as familiar with TVCIC as I am with TAC. I would advise you to ask on the Abbyloopers board or I believe there are a couple of Facebook groups now for TVCIC gals. Again, the ladies at Abbyloopers would be who can direct you there!

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