Installment #2

This past week was lots of activity and business for twinsies!

  • Swimming is usually a daily activity now – sometimes it’s just a quick dip and we don’t need our swimsuits!Quick Dip Charlottequick dip Esther
  • We are practicing sitting in our big girl chairs!Esther High ChairCharlotte High Chair
  • Our former nanny babysat us on her own for only the second time.  Well, that didn’t go so well and Mommy and Daddy were called back home to hysterical babies.  Boo Hoo!  That was incredibly rough for everybody!
  • On Saturday, we went to a quad birthday party!  Our friends over at Four To Adore turned one and had a Splish Splash birthday party with pools set up all over.  Twinsies didn’t get to swim since Daddy was the only one with them, but it was so fun to see everybody!party time
  • Babies were so tired on Sunday that Mommy let them wear pajamas to church!Pajamas
  • Monday, we discovered Ralph!  Later in the week, we found his buddies Fievel and Stewart live here, too.  Daddy says they will not be living here much longer.Ralph
  • Tuesday was an adventure as we went to UTSouthwestern for the first time to check on Burt (Mommy’s brain tumor).  Praise God that the tumor has actually shrunk!  And, Dr. Timmerman was able to meet the miracles babies he was a part of bringing here!
  • Wednesday was a nice relaxing day at home with Daddy because Mommy had wrist surgery.  But it was not without drama as that was the day our nanny decided to be a no-show and quit and not tell us!  Thank goodness, Grammie could come and save the day by taking Mommy to surgery so Daddy could watch twinsies!  Who in the world ever heard of quitting a job by just not showing up?  We need prayers on finding a new nanny asap since Mommy has to go back to school very very soon.  Boooo!
  • Aunt Cathy and Aunt Mischel sent dinner since Mommy had surgery.  Aunt Cathy got some sleepy cuddles from Charlotte!Cathy O with Charlotte
  • We’ve had lots of fun cuddling and looking cute!  ESPECIALLY since Grammie was here for a visit! Grammie2Pajamas2 Pajamas3
  • We also got to try egg yolk!  Charlotte loves it, though Esther is still unsure.Farm Fresh Egg Egg Yolk Esther1 Egg Yolk Esther2 Egg Yolk Esther 4 Egg Yolk Esther3 Egg Yolk Charlotte3 Egg Yolk Charlotte2 Egg Yolk Charlotte1 Egg Yolk Charlotte4
  • The other neat thing was that we played with our Lolla Cups!  Mama ordered these before she ever knew we were coming.  She saw them on Shark Tank!  We aren’t drinking from them yet, but ice cubes in them make a fun rattle!Lollacup1 Lollacup Esther2 Lollacup Esther1 Lollacup Charlotte1 Lollacup Charlotte2
  • We still love our nightly singing when Daddy sings us worship songsPraise with DaddyRead next week’s Little Things here.

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