TAC (Transabdominal Cerclage)

In case I’ve been shy on my opinion, let me be clear: GET A TAC!

Considerations include:

  • Requires abdominal surgery to place
  • Requires a c-section for all future deliveries
  • Requires a c-section for any fetal demise after 12 weeks
  • You MUST see an experienced surgeon.  Ask about his personal success rate.  If he has any losses, he must be able to explain those losses to you and why they won’t happen to you.

Once you have a TAC, you are now a “normal” pregnant woman.  Though other issues arise, your cervix will not be the source of any of them.  You can be intimate, take baths, go swimming, cruise around the mall, pick up your toddler, vacuum, work, etc.

I do not have any warnings about the TAC other than to say you must see an experienced surgeon.  Personally, I’d not advise a laparoscopic TAC unless you live in Iceland and the surgeon traveling from the U.S. to place yours and train other doctors in Iceland only places laparoscopic TACs.  (yes, this occurred – isn’t that awesome!?!) Otherwise, go with an open, traditionally placed TAC.

Please prayerfully Explore TAC.


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