Day 6

Day 6 (Beginning Week 2)

  • It took over an hour to drive to radiation today!  No more 9 am radiation!
  • Saw Dr. Timmerman and we talked about my headaches.  He said I am at very high risk for them.  He asked a lot of questions and determined that my headache is in my scalp, not brain swelling.  This is good news because it means I don’t need steroids for it.  
  • I really like Dr. Timmerman – he is extremely intelligent and also compassionate.  He gets excited about treatment because it’s cool, but he’s not arrogant or prideful. I really really respect him. 
  • Had my infertility support group tonight – I look forward to every meeting.  Sadly, I think I pushed too much by going today.  Now I’m tired and my head hurts again. 
  • For the first time ever in the history of my life I am hoping that school does not close tomorrow because I still have to get up and drive to radiation. 

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