God’s Miracles

God's Miracles

These girls shine Christ’s light: His love, His hope, His redemption, His healing.
All good things come from Heaven above, and All things are possible with Christ Jesus our Lord.
Praise Him from whom ALL blessings flow.

2 responses to “God’s Miracles

  1. Your story gives me such hope! I’m planning on getting my TAC with Dr. Haney hopefully in November or December. I lost 3 babies this year due to IC, first at 18w on 1/10/13 and b/g twins at 21w on 8/1/13. I was crushed emotionally until finding the hope I needed through my consult with Dr. Haney. I live in Hawaii so it’ll be a trip for sure, but totally worth it if I can just have a living baby… Thank you for all those tips left in your blog about your TAC experience, super helpful! I hope and pray that one day I’ll be blessed as you have with your 2 miracle babies… Take care!!

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