October 15 – Infant Loss Awareness Day

I remember my sweet Isaac and Samuel for today’s Infant Loss Awareness, but I light only one candle today. My candle represents Jesus Christ, their Savior and Lord, and mine and Nam’s, too.

Because of the light of Christ, we have healing and joy over our sons. We have the promise that they are in Eternity at our Father’s feet, and that we will be with them in but a breath.

All my sweet sisters who know this heartache and joy, I am honored to call you sister and I praise God for our connection and the way He works through all of you! You and your children are a beautiful part of my life. XX

4 responses to “October 15 – Infant Loss Awareness Day

  1. So sweet! I imagine each of our angels dancing in heaven as they wait for us to join them.

  2. Thank you for your post. It speaks to so many of us.

  3. He is our strength & our light. So glad to see a saint of God glorifying our Father in Heaven for His works!! I do believe!!

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