And God does it again…

Hello, 2nd tri, we meet again. This time I will beat you to a pulp thanks to God’s surgical hands on A.F. Haney and my TAC!
Twins coming…Feb 2013 (Mmm…or Jan!)
Sisters, there is HOPE, regardless of your situation!  The God of all Creation has the final say in all things…including peace that surpasses all understanding, regardless of your circumstances!

6 responses to “And God does it again…

  1. Congrats!

  2. You are my hope! We just lost our 7th child … 3rd due to IC. I thought there was nothing else I could do because the vaginal cerclage failed. But now …. HOPE! A TAC will fix this! I spoke to Dr Davis already and we are scheduling the surgery Nov 2013. 🙂 Thank you! Your site is fantastic!

  3. So happy to see & hear your great news. Again what a mighty God will serve. Not my will Lord, but let your will be done. Going to Chicago on November 19th to have TAC placed by Dr Haney. Cannot wait to see God move in our lives again & sustain my next pregnancy. Keep us posted!!! My little angels I will soon see again.

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