Say ya wanna dance, Don’t ya wanna dance?

Today, U.S. pop star Whitney Houston passed away.  I’m sad for her family and her struggles, but she grew up singing in the church, so I’m hoping she gave her heart to Jesus at some point and is rejoicing with her savior now.

Who I immediately thought of was my radiation therapist, Jason.  He and I had a good conversation about Whitney Houston one day because he’d had one of her CDs on for the previous patient.  I told him I was sure he loved Whitney, and, come on, Jason, you know you were jumpin on the bed to Dance With Me when you are 5!

Nope, nope he wasn’t.  (So he says.)

I miss the people I got to intersect with for a brief time.  Jason, Barb, Stella, Dr. Timmerman, the receptionists, the valet guys, the other patients.  I wonder how Shirley is doing.  And Patch Man.  And MJ.  I know the Lord has taken care of them for sure because He does something with our prayers!  I think prayers for giving others peace and comfort are prayers the Lord doesn’t resist.

I pray they are filled with His peace.  And, once again, I stand in awe of how something like an ugly, rare brain tumor could be turned into one of the best, most peaceful, and exciting times of my life.  Only Jesus can do that.  Only Jesus.

Wonder what He wants to do in your heart?  Go ahead.  Ask Him.  You can be sure He will respond.



One response to “Say ya wanna dance, Don’t ya wanna dance?

  1. Thanks for the reminder to stay wide open to him, his will, and what he might do in my life.

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